Why Work With Us?

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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

We just sold our house with the Lipkin Audette team, and I would highly recommend them! They were very professional throughout the process, and actively marketed our home until it sold. The feedback they collected and fed to us from the early showings helped us position the house for a successful sale, and once we had made a few adjustments per the feedback, poof the house was sold! And it was interest from an open house run by their team that put us over the goal line in terms of getting an offer. From that point forward, they were good and trusted advisers as we went through the negotiation process and continued to drive the sale process hard right up to and through the closing. Closing on Dec 28th was no small feat also, and it provided a huge tax advantage for us versus closing in the following year.

People always say things like "save money and sell it yourself", but we know from this experience that we'd probably have an empty and unsold house this winter if we'd gone that route. With Carol Audette, Kim Corey and Dawn Harvey's help, we're happily paying one mortgage, not two, and we are very confident that we got the best price for our home. Count us in the extremely satisfied bucket. You can't ask more from a realtor!!!

"Steve and his team are the best in Burlington in my opinion. I have purchased and sold a number of investment properties in Burlington in the last 5 years and Steve has represented me for all of them. The most recent sale had numerous last-minute issues pop up and Steve and Luke took care of them so that I didn't have to worry. Steve and his team know the market better than anyone, they're very sharp, they're friendly, and they really do go the extra mile to make buying or selling a property as smooth as possible for their clients. Highly recommended."

I worked with Jill Vespa from the Lipkin Audette Team. In short. Awesome, if you can, work with Jill and the team. As a first time home buyer Jill took the time to walk me through every step of the process. She listened to my needs and wants throughout the process. She provided sound advice and feedback throughout. Jill was always available to talk. She made the home touring process a breeze. The stress I was feeling about having to do negotiation was completely negated by Jill's guidance and owning of the process. Jill also went above and beyond to connect me with other local business I required the services of throughout the hunting, purchasing, and even after purchase process. The rest of the team at Lipkin was also helpful throughout the process. I can not imagine the entire process going any more smoothly or pain free. It was a joy.

Kim Corey is amazing! I heartily recommend her to everyone. She is extremely knowledgeable, patient, and sincerely wants to find you the perfect place. Stop looking and work with Kim! You'll be thankful you did.

We started our property search over a year ago with a long list of requirements for our first house purchase. Jacob Smith and his team were so patient and helpful during the long search, and when we finally found a home that checked off all the boxes, Jacob stepped up to bat for us every step of the way. He helped us put together offers on holiday weekends, formulate desperate response letters at 10 PM, met us for house showings early on weekends, and helped us through the hectic process of trying to buy a house in the Burlington market - all with a smile even as we apologized for putting him through all this. With the pace of the market and the number of steps involved, Jacob was a godsend helping us through the process and we can't speak more highly of him. We'll definitely send folks his way!

"Our time on the market with you was a treat, even in this market. We always felt that your team was on top of every detail of the process and that we were in very good hands. We sincerely felt as though we were your only customer, and yet we know how truly busy you all are. It is still a mystery to us how you were able to make us feel so important and yet do such large volume business in our area. It is the perfect blend of experience and service. The initial pricing strategy with Carol and Kathy was incredibly detailed, well researched, accurate and focused. The showing and marketing process with Kathy was professional, positive and energetic. Your administrative staff who took our calls always made us smile with their genuine enthusiasm; and the closing was extremely well orchestrated and managed. You all took the weight of the world off our shoulders."

Amanda served as a great asset, sounding board & advocate. Simply put, Amanda was a tireless worker on my family's behalf. We very much appreciated how engaged Amanda was and we knew with full confidence that she was always looking out for our best interest. Her demonstrated skills, demeanor, and thoughtfulness are beyond reproach. 

"Cindy was everything we wanted in an agent. Being new in the area, we felt as if she took us under her wing. She was very honest, fast, and knowledgeable about the process of buying a home. She was a real pleasure to work with."

"Many of our friends were telling us that we should try to sell our house on our own and save the cost of commission that a realtor would take. We toyed with the idea but in the end decided to let professionals do what they do best. I would not call what Steve did "taking" a commission. He and his team of Luke and Keeley EARNED every bit of that commission. Steve sold our house in 3 months. Actually, he got a contract on it in a month and a half and then proceeded to take care of permits, inspections, re-inspections, plumbing, electrical, window installation, all so that we could close by the end of the year. Anyone who knows the strange, complex laws of Burlington knows what this means. If I had taken this on myself, it never would have happened. Steve and his team know what they're doing, can predict the future and made this a really seamless, easy transaction for us. I would definitely use them again and recommend them to anyone looking to sell a property in Burlington."

"Carol Audette is the best sales associate we have ever worked with in our many home sales & purchases over the years - her attention to detail & knowledge of real estate is the best we have ever encountered."

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