Single Family / Condo

Burlington Single-Family and Condo Properties

As one of Vermont's most unique and beautiful areas, the Champlain Valley is the perfect place to create your home.  Burlington is consistantly ranked as one of the "Top Ten Places to Live" in America, offering a thriving economy, healthy education system, and superior quality of life.  The area's real-estate values have appreciated steadily throughout the past decade, showing stability in the past several years, allowing many Burlington homeowners and investors to succeed in the local real estate market.

As Realtors (R) in Burlington, Vermont since 1998, Steve Lipkin and his team have extensive knowledge and experience assising buyers and sellers of single-family properties.  With the Lipkin Audette Team, you receive guidance not offered by other Realtors (R) regarding the many complex issues involved in the buying and selling process.  Our team will help you navigate the local market to cultivate your real estate success and satisfaction.

Please contact the Lipkin Audette team with any questions.  We look forward to the opportunity to work with you in the future.