Burlington Multi-Family Investment Properties

Investment real estate in Burlington, Vermont has appreciated throughout the past 15 years.  Much of this growth is a product of improvements throughout the region, as well as high housing demands due to the areas numerous higher educational institutions.

Vacancy rates in Burlington, Vermont have remained low due to soaring student populations.  In contrast to the national average of 2.50%, Burlington rental properties are vacant at a much lower 1.29%.  The University of Vermont alone pulls nearly 13,000 students and nearly 4,000 employees to the area, many of which requiring rental housing.

Additionally, the Burlington area is a major employment center for many large companies including GE Healthcare, Global Foundries,, Burton Snowboards, the University of Vermont Medical Center, Adecco, Keurig Green Mountain, and the Howard Center.  As a result, strong economic and social influences create a thriving market for Multi-Family properties, ranging from duplexes to large apartment buildings, offering real estate investors of all levels the opportunity to create and bolster successful portfolios.


As Realtors (R) in Burlington, Vermont since 1998, Steve Lipkin and his team have extensive knowledge and experience specializing in Multi-Family investment property sales.  Multi-Family investors face a number of complex aspects involved in the buying and selling process of investment real estate.  With the Lipkin Audette team, you receive guidance not offered by other Realtors (R).  Our team will help you navigate local zoning and compliance issues, tenant relations, financial analysis, and much more.

Please contact the Lipkin Audette team with any questions.  We look forward to the opportunity to work with you in the future.