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Update on Burlington Parking Reform

an image of cars parked in front of buildings in downtown Burlington Vermont

UPDATE: The Burlington City Council approved a new parking ordinance intended to encourage residential development throughout the city by removing parking minimums for new housing developments.  

The new ordinance now sets limits to the maximum number of parking spaces rather than establishing a minimum. According to City estimates, one parking spot can cost developers thousands of dollars to build and can lead to a corresponding monthly rental increase up to as much as 30%. 

For more information on how the city plans to manage the transportation demands associated with new housing developments in Burlington check out the full article, "Burlington Council Changes Parking Rules for New Buildings", on  Since 1985, we’ve helped thousands of clients buy and sell real estate in Northwest Vermont.  Our goal is to provide you with the local insight, information, and resources necessary to make your purchase and/or sale an informed and enjoyable experience.