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Burlington Considers Citywide Parking Reform

A photo of parked cars in downtown Burlington Vermont

Two years ago, the Burlington City Council passed an ordinance eliminating minimum parking space requirements for the developers of downtown Burlington housing projects.  As part of the ongoing effort to provide more affordable housing options within city limits, the ordinance was designed to not only lower the cost for developers to build new affordable units, but also to decrease the dependence on cars throughout the city.

Looking to build upon the success of these recent downtown parking reforms, the Council is now considering a new ordinance that would expand the minimum (and maximum) parking requirements throughout the entire city.  Additionally, the new legislation would require housing developers to offer subsidized transportation options such as car-share services while detaching the price of parking from the monthly rental amount of a given unit.

Although it was presented and discussed briefly during the October 17th meeting, an official vote on the ordinance has been pushed back to allow more time for public input. For more information check out the article “Can new parking rules attract development while reducing use of cars in Burlington?” on

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