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Hot Topic: Parking Requirements for Rental Housing

A street with cares parked on the side in front of buildings

About one year ago, a report published by NPR included Burlington VT as one of the top 5 small cities in the country with an increase in population as a result of workers relocating from major metropolitan areas.  Fast forward to the present, thanks to forward-thinking entrepreneurs like Russ Scully of HULA, Burlington continues to see a steady increase of both hi-tech jobs and remote workers relocating to the Queen City.

Not surprisingly, the influx of new residents has presented our region with challenges in terms of both housing options and infrastructure.  The issue with housing has been well documented, we continue to see market conditions with high buyer demand and very low available inventory.

However, not to be overlooked are the downstream effects that this population increase will have on infrastructure.  Fortunately, there are many historical examples and case studies on how growing cities helped manage the trends that Burlington is faced with.  One hot topic that has already been discussed at length is parking requirements, specifically with regards to new multi family housing development and Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU).

In this informative article posted by the American Planning Association, the author highlights actions taken by communities across America to make changes to out dated parking policies and the impacts those policies made on affordability and growth.  Click the link below to read the full article…

People Over Parking | American Planning Association |      

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