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Repurposing a Waterfront Icon

Photo: City of Burlington

Anyone who's followed the Burlington Bike Path north through Waterfront Park and the past new Sailing Center has seen the defunct Moran power plant, standing tall above the Andy A_Dog Williams Skatepark. In a continued effort to improve community spaces along the waterfront, Burlington city councilors voted Monday to advance plans to 'rescue' the plant by undergoing a partial demolition, maintaining the steel frame of the structure, and converting the building into some sort of public space. Proposals have included lookouts and viewing decks with park space on the ground level. From an economic standpoint, partial demolition could prove less costly to tearing the entire building down. Funding for the project could come from "anticipated upticks to waterfront district tax revenues, as well as a $2 million federal loan."  Read the full article and see more photos from the Burlington Free Press HERE!


Alec Murphy

Lipkin Team

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