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Summer Update: Burlington Minimum Housing Inspections


Burlington's minimum housing inspection rating system was the feature of a front-page story in Saturday August 15th's edition of the Burlington Free Press. As we blogged about back in January, the city has adopted a new rating system for rental properties in the city.

Properties can receive a certificate good for between 1 to 5 years of occupancy without requiring an additional inspection. A property with no violations receives a five year certificate. The cover story, authored by Zach Despart, serves to update the original story and offer some data in support of the new policy:

·         The city has performed 342 Inspections since January

·         40% received a five-year certificate

·         21% received a four-year certificate

·         7% received a three-year certificate

·         One property received a two-year certificate

·         111 Properties "had yet to address violations

Read the full story from the Burlington Free Press here


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