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Spruce Mortgage Makes a Unique Employee Investment

Spruce MortgageYou may have noticed an amazing transformation to the building located at 430 Shelburne Road in South Burlington, the new home of Spruce Mortgageas well as Gadue's Drycleaning. The story behind this renovation is even more amazing... In 2012 the Spruce Mortgage staff was interested in developing a comprehensive retirement account for its employees. To make this happen, Gene Richards, Spruce's CEO, reviewed the budget and determined that a creative solution was possible by addressing the company's largest line item, the rent. With Gene Richard's guidance and real estate expertise on their side, the employees formed a partnership and invested in the acquisition and renovation of 430 Shelburne Road. The employees purchased the property in December 2012 and hired Three Four Buildersto do a complete restoration which is nearly complete. Every aspect of this project has been managed by the Spruce Mortgage Team. Congratulations to Spruce Mortgage for investing in their employees and in Burlington!