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What's Happening this Summer on Campus?

Just because the class of 2013 has graduated and moved back home doesn't mean that college campuses around the state are taking a break.Here are a few major construction and renovation updates that are happening on the grounds of Saint Michaels', University of Vermont, and Champlain College.

Saint Michael's College

On Friday, June 8th at 5pm, Saint Michael's College will be holding an opening event for the start of the

Construction of the new UVM entrance sign underway.

Construction of the new UVM entrance sign underway.

Quad Commons Project. The construction involvesthe building of a new student center and a residence hall on central campus and is projected to be completed by the start of the 2013 fall semester. Click here to learn more about the Quad Commons Project.

University of Vermont

Several of UVM's student residence hallswill begin renovations starting on May 20th. These buildings include Mann Hall, Living and Learning Center, and Marsh-Austin-Tupper (MAT).

Construction of a new UVM entrance sign, at the intersection of Main street and Beaumont Avenue,has been underway and is scheduled to conclude around the end of July.For more information regarding details of the residence hall renovations and other related UVM projects click on the following link: UVM Construction Updates.

Champlain College

The Res Trio Project will add three new residence halls to the Champlain campus by July 2014. The first phaseinvolved the construction ofJuniper Hall, which was completed in the fall of 2012. The second phase, which will begin this summer, aims at constructing the final two dorms, Butler and Valcour Halls.

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