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Single Family Homes as Rental Properties

Investing in real estate, like every other kind of investment strategy, is most effective when it’s uniquely personalized to an individual’s (or groups) risk tolerance, capacity and goals. 

While a lot of attention is paid to multi family properties that offer several units within the same building and/or property, purchasing a single family home as an investment property can offer certain advantages such as long-term renter stability, non-HOA property maintenance and lower management costs.

In a recent article published by RIS Media, author Meghan Belnap highlights four major qualities to look for when selecting a single family home as an investment property.  Click on the link below to read the entire article…

What to Look for in a Single Family Investment Property | RIS Media Housecall

If you are interested in getting started with investing in real estate or would like more information on the local investment property market, please give Steve Lipkin a call at (802) 846-9575 or email Team@LipkinAudette.com

Real Estate as an Investment

Investing in real estate has long been a popular and successful investment strategy and with the record-high volatility currently found in the stock market, more and more people are now considering real estate as a better alternative to traditional stocks and bonds.

In a recent article published by RIS Media, Brian Davis (co-founder of SparkRental.com) highlighted a few of the many benefits that real estate investing offers… 

6 Perks of Rental Properties for Retirement Income | RISMedia.com

While almost every investment opportunity comes with inherent risks, real estate markets don’t typically correlate to the stock market and can provide investors with an opportunity to diversify their investment strategy while at the same time generating positive cash flow and property appreciation.

Having helped hundreds of local clients build wealth through real estate investing, the Lipkin Audette Team understands that, as is the case with any investment, a successful investment strategy needs to be designed to fit an individual’s particular set of needs and goals. If you’d like to speak with our team about how to get started or what the current market value of your property / portfolio might be, give us a call anytime at [802] 846-9575 or email Steve@LipkinAudette.com.   

Former Mayor Moves Overseas - Burlington Hill Section Home on the Market!

It is with mixed reactions that I post this blog about my parents moving overseas and selling the home they have owned and lived in for the last 25 years.  The Seven Days article titled "A Former Mayor's New Direction" details Peter Clavelle and Betsy Ferries' move to Albania.

Now, at age 62, Clavelle has moved to Albania. He has a five-year contract to oversee a local governance project in the eastern European country. Albania is about the same size as Vermont, but has a population that is five times larger....

Interviewed in the kitchen of her home on South Union Street, Ferries confesses that it isnt easy to leave Burlington behind. Three of the couples four children Luke, 27; Will, 23; and Awil, 20 live in the Queen City, while Jae, 24, works for an international development company in San Francisco. Ferries and Clavelle are the legal guardians of Awil, a refugee from Somalia whos set to graduate in June from Burlington High School.

Here is a link to the 4+ bedroom 3 bath 2848 sq. ft home at 291 South Union Street Burlington VT. If you would like to view this home, give me a call at (802) 846-9556 or email me at Luke@lipvt.com. Thanks, Luke

New Map Based Search - Interactive with GPS!

We are excited about the launch of our new interactive Map Based Search on our website!  The map feature can also be used on your cell phone.
  • Shows you homes near you in one click from your phone
  • Allows you to draw the area you want to search on the map
  • Updates results and shows local points of interest as the search is adjusted
  • Helps you narrow your search based on any MLS criteria
From our Website: www.LipVT.com click on the Interactive Map Search Headline below the title bar on the right had side. Once the MAP page is up you can scroll around,  zoom in or out on the map to change your search area as well draw shapes for specific streets or parts of town.  Want to narrow your search even more? On the right hand side above the pictures of the properties you can narrow your search by price, newest listings, or number of bedrooms. You can also display your results by price,  newest to oldest  and MLS number.  If you click on Advanced Search you can narrow your search even more. Want to just show Multi Family listings? On the Advanced Search just click Multi Family to only search the Multi Family properties in the location of your choice! Play around with the Map search and let us know what you think. Feel free to pass this link to the Interactive Map along to your friends. Thanks, Steve & Luke

Buying or Selling Multi Family Properties

Buying or selling a multi family property in today's environment poses a unique set of challenges above and beyond those of selling a single family property.  Most municipalities have requirements that investment properties meet certain codes and minimum safety standards before title can convey.  Some of the other issues we have seen come up lately include: - Appraisal Issues - Fire Safety - Building Inspections - Tenant Relations - EMP/Lead Paint Compliance Here is testimonial from one client relaying her experience while working with us to overcome some of these obstacles. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zp9nR_u766A If you are considering buying or selling an investment property why not work with the team that specializes in multi family salesClick here to see what other clients have to say or search the current multi family inventory.

Why We Created a Website for Lipkin Investment Properties!

As Ive worked on this Website, many clients, business associates, and friends have asked me the same question: Why create a real estate website focused on Burlington area Multi-Family Investment Properties, and why now? In my first blog post, I want to explain the goal of my site and how I hope it may assist current clients and future real estate buyers and sellers. When I joined Coldwell Banker Hickok & Boardman in 1998, I quickly realized that I enjoyed working with Multi-Family Buyers and Sellers. Specializing in investment properties allowed me to combine several aspects of my pre-real estate career capital equipment finance and restaurant owner/manager with my interests and background in construction. Ive been so fortunate over the past decade to work and live in a city I love, and to be able to help hundreds of clients achieve their real estate goals. My goal for this site, then, is not only to provide buyers and sellers with information on the latest listings, but also to provide resources for investors. This website (lipvt.com) was created to help investors analyze properties and keep informed on issues ranging from tenants regulations to zoning and code enforcement issues. As for the why now part of the question, I felt it was the right time to debut a Burlington-area Website with a focus on multi-family properties. The local market has weathered the 2008 slowdown, and appears poised to resume the steady solid growth of past decades. I believe the timing is excellent to invest in Burlington area real estate. So whether you are a first time buyer or a seasoned investor looking to shift/adjust or add to your portfolio the time to invest in Burlington area real estate is now. Thats not to say that Lipkin Investment Properties doesnt work with clients who are buying or selling single-family homes. My business partner Luke Clavelle and I have a passion for real estate and homes for sale, regardless of whether they are single-family homes or investment properties. Please take a look at our site, and if you have questions or would like more information on a topic, please contact me.