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Sinex and Burlington - A $200 million Disagreement

Photo: A 3d model of how the town center will look post development.

The clock is ticking for Burlington Town Center owner, Don Sinex. For some time now, Sinex has been working to redevelop the struggling downtown Burlington Mall. Sinex is seeking a zoning change to allow for a height increase which Sinex says is necessary to increase density to make the $200 million development viable. Reaction is still mixed among Burlington residents with strong opinions on both sides. Opponents to the development site concern that a zoning change allowing any part of the complex to rise to 14 stories will create a dangerous precedent and irrevocably change the city skyline. Those in favor say the change is necessary to improve the city’s chronic housing shortage and will help create jobs. Stay tuned to see if the approximately 1,000,000 new sq ft of development will be taking place, 246,000 of which are dedicated to retail, 340,000 to office, 307,000 to residential and 355,000 to a new parking garage. 

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City Market Meets The Neighbors


City Market/Onion River Co-Op held an open forum on its planned expansion to the South End and the event was well-attended to say the least. The forum, held last week at Switchback Brewing's Tap Room, was packed with over 75 community members. The new store location, at the corner of Briggs Street and Flynn Avenue is expected to change the face of the neighborhood. Neighbors disagree on the long-term benefits of that change. Several cited concerns about traffic while others lauded the convenience of a second location for the nation's busiest co-op.


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