Blog :: 10-2014

Adopt-A-Drain Program Comes to Burlington

As part of an ongoing effort to improve the city's stormwater management system, Burlington's Department of Public Works is trying an outside-the-box approach. Part community crowdsourcing, part old-school stewardship, the city will ask "Drain Defenders" to make sure a storm drain of their choosing is kept clear of debris, ice and illegal dumping. In exchange for their vigilance and elbow grease, Drain Defenders will be allowed to name the drain (Burlington's website stipulates only that the names be appropriate). 

With over 2,000 storm drains inside the city limits, residents should have their pick. According to a Burlington Free Press article from October 24th,2014, approximately 10 drains had been adopted as of the afternoon of Thursday October 23rd.

An overwhelmed stormwater system can contribute to property and infrastructure damage, pollution, and other public health concerns. I hope this innovative city project will help to free up the time and resources of Public Works so they can keep our great city running smoothly.

What other applications could Adopt-A-Drain be applied to? What if the Bike Path was opened to a similar program?

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