Blog :: 03-2013

The Future of Burlington's Waterfront is up to You!

A world-class modern art museum, a local-foods mecca, an expanded marina, and a gondola ride are all proposed ideas of what Burlingtons waterfront area should look like in the future. The Burlington City Council will be holding two public hearings on April 29 and May 6 to hear comments on the latest approved planning commision draft sponsored by planBTV. Click here to view the latest draft of planBTV's goal in developing Burlington's waterfront and downtown areas.  
Burlington's waterfront  tax-increment district shown in orange.

Burlington's waterfront tax-increment district shown in orange.

It's still  not too late! Currently, plans for redeveloped projects of Burlingtons waterfront area are still being considered by Major Weinberger and his appointed public investment team.


Deadline for submission of ideas ends April 5!

So hurry up and click on the link below to submit your vision of how Burlington might revitalize its waterfront and downtown areas. Additional information can be accessed at the Community and Economic Development website or check out the Burlington Free Press article to learn more.

The 2013 Investing Trend to Watch Out For

Apartments under construction at the corner of King and South Champlain St.

Burlington apartments under construction at the corner of King and South Champlain St.

Apartment REITs   (or Real Estate Investment Trusts) and locally Burlington area Multi-Family apartments, maybe the best place to put your investment money right now!

It is estimated by 2016, 5.5 million new households will be built across America. Of that, 3.8 million or 70% will be constructed for renters.

So what does this mean for you?

Simple. The increase in new households is going at such an unbelievable rate that demand is outpacing supply by 2.5 million apartments, which means there is a tremendous opportunity right now for people to invest and make some money. Click here for a list of Burlington Multi-Family Apartments available for sale today! Interested in reading more about this hot topic of 2013? Check out this article for more information: Renter Nation: The Incredible Housing Story Nobody is Talking About.

Burlington Proposes Changes to Downtown Parking Requirements

On Monday night, the Burlington City Council voted unanimously for a proposal that would eliminate off-street parking requirements in downtown Burlington. This amendment to Burlingtons development ordinance would not only promote alternate transportation services but allow for improvements in future downtown developments. Director of Planning and Zoning, David E. White, told reporters that this proposal is one part of the new PlanBTV that aims at improving future projects in Burlingtons downtown and waterfront area.

Take a look at the Burlington Free Press article for more information and contact us  if you  have any further questions.Downtown Parking Area